• Access to 12 self-paced classes for PD HOURS.
  • All of the CORNERSTONE TOOLS in our library
  • All episodes of our PODCAST SERIES
  • RESOURCE LIBRARY of books, curriculum maps, and resource guides
  • VIRTUAL PD KITS - Full day Arts Integrated PD training that you can download and use any time
  • Complimentary Access to both WINTER AND SUMMER ONLINE CONFERENCES
  • Weekly OFFICE HOURS to answer your questions



Month-to-Month subscription. You'll automatically be billed $37/month


One-time annual subscription of $330/year - SAVE 25%!  You'll automatically be billed $330/year.


Includes access for up to 7 staff members. $1997/year


If you are a district that would like to use a purchase order to make payment, please contact us directly and we can work with you to accommodate your needs.  If you have more than 7 staff members who would like access, please contact us for a custom quote.


Q: Can I learn at my own pace? +

Absolutely!  We know that while you may have intentions for how you’ll use the platform, life can sometimes have other plans.  That’s why you can take any course at any time.  You’ll never have to worry about falling behind or getting registered for credit in time.  Work at your own pace in your own way.

Q: What is the investment? +

The total investment for an individual monthly enrollment is $444/year.  School Districts can purchase a district-level license for up to 7 seats for $1997.  Individual members can make installment payments over 12 months without interest.  

Q: Can our school use a purchase order? +

School districts MAY use a purchase order – please contact us for more details.

Q: What if I have questions? +

We have a great team of people who are here to support you all of the way.  If you run into an issues, or even if you just need a sounding board for an idea – we’re just an email, phone call or text away.

Q: Can I use the PD hours for a lane-change or salary bump? +

Again, we suggest you double check with your own institution as each has different requirements.  We have a high-level of transferability for our courses to be used for these purposes, and will be happy to work with your institution if they require more information or details.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee? +

Absolutely.  We invite you to participate in the Learning Studios for 30 days and access all that we have to offer.  At the end of 30 days, if you don’t feel that we have delivered on our promises, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money.

We’ll ask for your completed course work (to make sure you gave it a try) and ask what didn’t work for you (so that we can learn and improve).  If you commit to the work and don’t get the value, then we don’t deserve your money.

Q: What if I want to cancel? Is it a hassle? +

If you've decided that the Learning Studios isn't right for you at any time, canceling your membership is easy.  Just contact us and let us know that you'd like to cancel, as well as why it's not working out, and we'll cancel your membership.

MORE QUESTIONS?Email us directly and we'll get back to you in 24 hours